Litter "J". Born 03.02.2016

03.02.2016 in our сattery were born kittens from a couple of ICH (Assolux), JCH (МФА), JCH (WCF) Namiko Mikado Wertvoll Snow  и ICH (Assolux), CH (ICU), CH (МФА) Your Majesty Xanti (See "Our plans").

All kittens have blood group B/B.

The litter FOUR KITTENS: three boys of color point and one girl of seal tortie.

Kittens are possible carriers gene cinnamon.

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DSC 7466ф  MG 2331о

Мама: ICH (Assolux), JCH (МФА), JCH (WCF)

Namiko Mikado Wertvoll Snow

Color: BRI f 33 Seal Tortie Point

DB: 02.08.2013г

Owner: Natalia Vasilchenko                                 

Папа: ICH (Assolux), CH (ICU), CH (МФА) Your Majesty Xanti

Color:BRI с Lilac


Owner: Natalia Vasilchenko

Фото/Foto Имя/Name Окрас/Color Пол/Gender Статус/Status
 BP6A7770 J... Aristokrat

BRI a 33

(Blue point)

male Sold
 BP6A7794 J... Aristokrat

 BRI c 33

(Lilac point)

male Sold
 BP6A7843  J... Aristokrat

 BRI e 33

(Cream point)

 male  Sold
 BP6A7946 J... Aristokrat

 BRI f

(Seal tortie)

Female Sold

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