About british cats cattery Aristokrat

We are glad to see you on website of our professional monopedigree British Shorthair cats cattery «Aristokrat». The cattery was registered in 14 of July in 2007 by WCF system № 070130.25.

My name is Natalia Vasilchenko, and I’m the owner of the cattery. The co-owner of the cattery and like-minded person is Oksana Kisilenko.

We were trained and received certificates of breeders, also we have completed courses in veterinary medicine, seminars and workshops on the standards of the British breed different exhibition systems.
We located in Russia, in Vladivostok city. Cattery Aristokrat is the member of cat-lovers club “Master Class”.


Together we have the work aimed to breeding of British cats with solid colors (blue, lilac, chocolate, black, red, cream, cinnamon and fawn, as well as tortie in these variations), colorpoint colors (Siamese or Himalayan color ) and colors with white (bicolor, harlequins, tricolors). The main goal of our breeding program is – enhancement of breed characteristics, getting healthy and strong offspring with a balanced and noble character.

My interest to British cats started with the acquirement lilac color kitty with a beautiful name Cleopatra The Gorgeous in 2006. At the moment, it has already withdrawn from the breeding program, but it still is our pride and a favorite main cat in the house.


Our cats involved in the breeding program, have more than one owner, that is why they live in different houses as members of families in love and prosperity. No cage contents or restriction of movement in the apartment, because it has negative effects to the character and behavior of animals.

All manufacturers of our cattery are very carefully chosen to each other, to produce the highest quality offspring.

Kittens of our cattery inherit blood lines of leading British Shorthair catteries in Russia and Europe.

We are very serious about the health of our pets, so all of our animals are fed only the best and professional super premium pet food. Our kittens from early childhood are accustomed to high-quality feed, because a cheap food can seriously disrupt the digestive system of the kitten.

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Pets of our cattery regularly has laboratory tests and tests that confirm their health. Also kittens have annual vaccination against viral diseases, treatment of ecto- and endoparasites.

Our kittens are born from the beautiful, high- breed, titled manufacturers with an excellent pedigree. They grow in love and care from the birth day. We help them to be born and keep watch over their life.

At any time, we are ready to share our experiences of upbringing of the kitten and to answer any questions by phone or on the internet.

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